programming for perception job opening [update: position filled]

In my lab we’re continuing to program in Python with PsychoPy to create visual experiments, and using R to do data analysis, including to fit psychometric functions.

Unfortunately the one who has been doing most of the real work (as well as having a lot of the best thoughts) is leaving! So, I need a programmer or postdoctoral researcher to help. The role is largely to modify existing code for psychophysical experiments, perform data analysis, and occasionally run experiments. The job would go for a minimum of several months (but probably less than a year) and would be best done on a part-time basis. The psychophysical experiments are written in Python and the data analysis programs are mostly written in R. However, prior knowledge of either is not necessary provided you have significant experience in MATLAB, C, or the like. Experience with psychological, neurological, or perceptual experimentation is a big plus. The projects include investigating the human visual perception of position, audiovisual perceptual interactions, and attentional tracking. If you have experience with psychological experimentation, there is a possibility of developing new experiments in collaboration with us rather than simply working on extensions of in-progress experiments. Most of the work is likely to be working one-on-one with research students to support their programming efforts. See my publications and lab wiki for further info about our research.

If you have a PhD or are an advanced PhD student in visual perception or a related field, there is a further possibility of combining this position with occasional lecturing and teaching coordination employment in our department.

Please contact me (alexh at with your CV. Addendum: Because the job goes for less than a year, if you are not planning on being in Sydney anyway, might be hard to make it work.
UPDATE: This position has been filled

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