Journals that fast-track for a fee

Journal Fee Fast-track Service
Journal of Internet Medical Research 450 USD “initial decision within 15 working days, publication within 1 month after acceptance”
Journal of Digital Content Technology and its Applications (JDCTA), and associated journals* 2000 USD “to review and publish your paper within 6 ~ 8 weeks”
Mathematical and Computational Forestry & Natural-Resource Sciences 300 USD “the review, editorial decision, and author notification on this manuscript is guaranteed to take place within 4 weeks”
Review of Finance 800 EUR “guarantees an editorial decision in 14 days”
Review of Corporate Finance 1000 USD “guarantees a two-week turnaround time”, “referees will receive $800 for a fast, high quality referee report”

*The following journals have websites that are interlinked with JDCTA, which indicate they also offer fast-tracking for a fee: Advances in Information Sciences and Service Sciences, International Journal of Advancements in Computing Technology, Journal of Convergence Information Technology. These journals are all published by the Advanced Institute of Convergence IT, Korea.

Eighteen of us have protested their policy. Manuscripts should be judged on their content, but fast-tracking for a fee raises the possibility that those who pay will receive preference, not only in speed of publication but also in whether the manuscript will be accepted. 34 others have also signed the petition.

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