#academicNoir memes

When #AcademicNoir trended on Twitter, I had fun making a few memes about science publishing and the Registered Replication Reports that we started at Perspectives on Psychological Science.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 14.09.02.png

“Who’s shaking you down?” I asked.

“Elsevier,” whispered the librarian.

I showed her the door.  I still have to work in this town. 


Any one of you go it alone, he’ll say you messed up. But if we first get him to approve the protocol, and then all run the replication together…

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 14.10.45.png

Well, Mr. P. Hacker, your luck is about to run out.

Down at the journals, they’re running a new game. They call it ‘preregistration’.


“How about we just delete these two data points?”

She looked shocked.

“Listen- you want to get this published, or not?”

They called him “Big Pharma”. Really shady character. Really knew how to make a data set go missing.

We know you’re in there. We’ve got your lab surrounded.

OK, I’ll come out.

Don’t move! Just email us the data. The *raw* data.

He had a good run, for a while. But then he got an email from . Asking for the raw data. His time was up.

“But you haven’t even seen my numbers yet!” she said.

“Just give Dr. Hacker a little time alone with them,” I told her.

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